"Paul Krauss is a kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable supervisor! As I embarked on my career as a Licensed Associate Counselor, I was nervous and Paul provided me with A+ clinical supervision. He was incredibly supportive and provided a comfortable setting for us to discuss everything from self-care, diagnosis, rapport building to counseling techniques and clinical documentation to marketing myself, professional development, and growing in my identity as a counselor. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Paul." - Courtney Glenny, MS, LAC

"Paul is a gifted person who brings a sharp intelligence, genuine care and focused dedication to his work. I count myself blessed to have had him as a supervisor; his understanding of what matters in a helping relationship and ability to apply this understanding within the relational context is remarkable.  Paul's positive and grounded approach to life and his commitment to meaningful change has strongly impacted my journey.  I am honored to recommend him!"- A. C., MA, LPC

"I worked with Paul Krauss, MA, LPC as a consultant when I first began the journey of opening a private practice.  As an reputable, ethical, and effective therapist with his own thriving practice, Paul was able to guide me through practical steps that simplified the process of starting my own private practice and provided me with encouragement and support along the way.  He has become someone that I regularly refer others to for his skills and compassion as a both counselor and a consultant."- Laura Fontaine, MS, LISAC, LPC EMDRIA certified EMDR therapist.

“Paul demonstrates unconditional positive regard in both his work with clients and developing clinicians. It was a relief to have a supervisor who modeled by example and recognized the importance of going back to the basics. He was able to meet me at my understanding and skill level, while demonstrating the ability to teach more advanced concepts. I never felt as if Paul was there to judge or criticize my skills as a developing counselor, but rather to support and encourage my learning process. I would highly recommend Paul to both clients in need of counseling and professionals seeking supervision.” - Allison Johnson, MSC LPC | Clinical Director of Phoenix Shanti Group

"Paul was an amazing supervisor. He provided support on consulting about patient cases. He would share his experiences in the field to help provide tips for interventions or areas to consider for further assessment. His supervision style met my need to feel supported and comfortable in order to open up and share. This allowed me to receive the most benefit from our supervision both personally and professionally. I would highly recommend him as a supervisor for his style, competence, and support for those new to the field and building their skills."         - Lindsay Van Gorder MSC, LPC

"Paul, has been a great mentor. He is very knowledgeable and always willing to help. I had the pleasure to work with Paul and am so grateful for his guidance."  -LeeAnn L Kuang MA, LAC

'Paul Krauss, MA, LPC is a Nationally Certified Trainer for A-CRA, Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach, which is an outpatient Substance Abuse Training that focuses on working with youth to have a happier and healthier life. As he has trained many clinicians for over 8 years in ACRA, he also has worked with youth and adults and is able to deliver the training with experience as well evidence-based research."- Diane Palacios, MS, LPC, LISAC | Adolescent ACRA Clinical Manager | Jewish & Family Children’s Service, Phoenix, AZ

In the fall of 2011, the A-CRA program in which Paul was a full-time trainer and clinician worked at JFCS (Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Phoenix, AZ) was nationally recognized by SAMSHA as a co-recipient of the Science and Service Award.