New Healthcare Resource for Grand Rapids, MI

Paul Krauss has created an easy to use website for the people of Grand Rapids called This website provides a mobile-phone and tablet friendly overview of all the Naturopathic Doctors, Counselors, and Hypnotherapists at Health for Life Grand Rapids providing many different types of therapy.

The Grand Rapids website is easy to use and guides users through learning about counseling, to learning about the people that work at Health life for Grand Rapids, followed by what specific services are offered by the staff, followed by information for new patients (including insurances accepted, cash rates) and an easy to use form to request information. Lastly, the site features an easily accessible contact form where you can request that a Counselor, Therapist, Naturopathic Doctor, or Hypnotherapist contact you directly.

Grand Rapids, MI is the second largest metropolitan area in Michigan, and Health for Life Grand Rapids is working to bring the highest quality healthcare, counseling, therapy, and health education to Michigan. At Health for Life Grand Rapids, there are 2 licensed Naturopathic Physicians from the State of Arizona providing excellent health education at our office. Health for Life Grand Rapids has five counselors providing excellent health education and therapy in the Grand Rapids, MI area. We also have a Clinical Hypnotherapist providing amazing hypnotherapy to clients in the Grand Rapids area.

The staff at Health for Life Grand Rapids are constantly working to make healthcare more accessible. The new website called "Grand Rapids" was a natural extension of this service. If you have questions, you can always call our front desk at 616-200-4433  or  email our manager, Paul Krauss MA LPC at Note: Each therapist at Health for Life Grand Rapids has a unique focus and approach to therapeutic process and works to customize care for each person and family they work with.

Local Counselor launches podcast about mental health!

Paul Krauss MA LPC's new podcast, The Intentional Clinician is now available on itunes and for download.  

Demystifying psychology through quirky, provocative, and informative dialogues and monologues! Plus practical approaches on living a full and vibrant life. 

Join a Professional Counselor as he works to demystify the topics of psychology and counseling from a down-to-earth perspective. Paul Krauss MA LPC will be discussing practical strategies for applying concepts from counseling and psychology to our lives. The Intentional Clinician podcast dives deep into discussing philosophy and mental health  as a fundamental part of living a full and vibrant life. This podcast will feature stories, interviews, practical lessons, clinical research, and more. Paul Krauss MA LPC practices Psychotherapy in Grand Rapids, MI at an integrative clinic called Health for Life. Paul Krauss’ specialties include:  Counseling for Leaders and High Achievers, Overcoming Trauma & PTSD, Quarter-life/ Mid-life Crisis Turn Around Neurological Disorders and Chronic Illness,  Finding a Sense of Purpose, What should I do with my life?, Helping the Parents Of Young Adults, and Mindfulness. Paul will work with anyone he believes he can help with his over 10 years of counseling experience and advanced clinical training. Learn more at  Paul is also a Clinical Supervisor and trainer for new counselors who are working on gaining their full license, and for anyone seeking continuing education units. Learn more about that here.